Lost Players List

Below is a list of actors who appeared in Stooge-related films but whose present whereabouts are unknown. While the majority may be deceased, some may not be. Either way, if anyone knows what happened to these players, use the contact page or comment below to let us know.

No clue is too small.

Players from the 190 Stooge shorts
Andre, Carmen - Men in Black
Brady, Dan - Disorder in the Court
Craig, Danny -Three Loan Wolves
Drake, Allyn - Horse's Collars
Edney, B - Stand-in, 4 shorts
Ellsworth, Virginia - Mummy’s Dummies
Fine, Joe - Men in Black. Not related to Larry.
Frank, Joanne - Idle Roomers
Howard, James - Restless Knights
Jackson, Jackie - Three Loan Wolves. Is not Sherry Jackson's brother (Curtis)
Jackson, Marjorie - Blunder Boys
Levitt, David - Three Loan Wolves
Mann, Billy Hoi Polloi He is NOT William StutzmanMartinez, Helen - Ants in the Pantry
Montiel/Monteil Marie - Love At First Bite, Fifi Blows Her Top
Perry, Joseph “Joe” - Restless Knights
Price, Patty - Restless Knights
Randall, Norma - Spooks, others. She is not Rebel Randall.
Richardson, Al - Cash & Carry
Thomas, Beverly - Flagpole Jitters, others
Woods, Rocky - Monkey Businessmen. Also credited as Rocky Wood.

60's feature players
Blackburn, Bill - Snow White. Located, but has not responded to fan club inquiries.
Farrell, Leslie - Snow White
Fox, Marilyn - Outlaws - Also credited as Mary Alice Fox. She is not the Marilyn Fox associated with Pacific Resident Theatre.
Grazier, Albert - Scrapbook
Holman, Rex - Outlaws. Alive, but has not responded to fan club inquiries.
Lacy, Charles (Chuck) - Snow White

Players from the Shemp Howard Vitaphone shorts
Almy, Connie - Serves You Right
Barnes, Jack - Here Comes Flossie
Bueler, Buddy - For The Love Of Pete (unable to find current contact info, may be alive)
Cherry, Jack - Here Comes Flossie
Coleman, Dan - In The Dough
Dennis, Michael - For The Love of Pete
East, June - Very Close Veins
Marion, Marie - In The Dough, Mushrooms
Mudge, Gertrude - Art Trouble, others
O'Sullivan, Lawrence - In the Dough (IMDB only has 1888 birthdate)
Phalon, Beverly - Here's Howe, others
Squire, Louise - The Officer's Mess. Also billed as Louise Squires.
Webber, Lee - Here's Howe, others

Players from the Shemp Howard solo Columbia shorts
Haynes, Frances - Off Again, On Again
Murray, Jean - Pick a Peck of Plumbers
Willey, Charles - Off Again, On Again

Players from the Joe Besser solo Columbia shorts
Brown, Jim - Dizzy Yardbird, G.I Dood It

Miscellaneous Players
Anderson, Gloria - Swing Parade of 1946
Bell, Harold - Swing Parade of 1946
Canada, Roy - Gold Raiders
Dodson, Claire - Swing Parade of 1946
Hagemeyer, Rosemary - Swing Parade of 1946
Kenworthy, Wayne - Swing Parade of 1946
Mack, Connie - Swing Parade of 1946. Not the baseball manager.
Ray, Allen - Swing Parade of 1946
Smith, Wanda - Swing Parade of 1946
Stanton, Ronald - Swing Parade of 1946
Ward, Bill - Gold Raiders
Vance, Miriam - Swing Parade of 1946

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