What is this?

Along with other supporting player researchers like Frank Reighter and Bill Cappello, I try to track down lost/unidentified players from Stooge-related films. I've turned the research into a blog.

The research helps Threestooges.net as the site maintains an exhaustive directory of supporting players who worked in Stooge-related films. In addition, the Three Stooges Journal runs mini-bios of supporting players in each issue.


We know who the actor or actress is, but we don't know whatever happened to them. We don't have birth and/or death dates on these individuals. While most are likely deceased, some may not be. Either way, we want to figure out whatever became of these players. Over the years, the list of lost players has gradually shrunk, but there are still a few dozen left out there.

The smallest clue can often yield big results.


  1. Hello, The Three Stooges Lost Players! Even though my name notes that I like The Muppets, I have also taken a liking to The Three Stooges ( and other slapstick comedy greats).
    I wish that you would continue your blog, as I get the impression that you have most likely quit, because your last post was a couple of months ago.
    I hope you take the time to read my brief little comment, and also hope that you could possibly take a quick little amount of time to look at my blog, The Muppet Fan!
    I love your blog, and think that it is absolutely fantastic. If you do start posting again, that would be cool if you could keep it up, like maybe every other day, if you could.
    I would also be interested in writing a blog post for your blog.

    Regards from
    The Muppet Fan himself, Patrick

  2. Looking for info on actress Hilda Title Thanks - Herb

  3. who played the old man? I remember he had a big white beard; a cane. seem to remember there was an episode with some sort of miracle elixir...