Friday, April 4, 2014

Previously Unidentified: Ralph Volkie

by Frank Reighter

Ralph Volkie had been identified for his role as Orlando's bartender in the 1963 feature 4 for Texas, which also featured the Three Stooges, Moe, Larry and Curly-Joe.

Volkie in Hula-La-La (1951)
But Three Stooges Fan Club member Brent Seguine identified him in April 2014 as the native henchman in the Three Stooges 1951 short Hula-La-La.

Ralph Volkie was born in Arizona July 7, 1910. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) lists him in 93 films and TV shows from 1940 to 1976, including many westerns. He is listed in David Regan's book Who's Who in Hollywood (1992).

Ralph Volkie died March 6, 1987. He is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills), California in plot Homeward, Lot 2879, Space 2. His grave is unmarked.

Special thanks to Brent Seguine, for identifying Volkie in Hula-La-La.

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