Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lost and Found: Ida Mae Johnson

by Frank Reighter

Finding out about Ida Mae Johnson, the tall blonde party guest in Crash Goes the Hash (1944), was leading nowhere until Gary Lassin mentioned that the only reference to her was a snipe on the back of a studio still from that short.

Johnson in Crash Goes the Hash (1944)
I further searched her as Ida Johnson, and her story started to fall into place. Crash Goes The Hash appears to be her only film credit, although she may have had a small role (as Ida May Johnson) in The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939).

Ida Mae Johnson was born Ida Mae Caddel on September 13, 1916 in Oklahoma. Her parents were Ernest W. Caddel (b. May 20, 1877 - d. April 12, 1964) and Frances Holmes (b. June 14, 1879 - d. July 23, 1964). 

Ida had three brothers: Garland A. Caddel (b. c 1899 - d. March 5, 1935); Wiley H. Caddel (b. March 10, 1901 - d. January 30, 1971) and Ernest W. Caddel Jr. (b. March 12, 1911 - d. March 28, 1992).

Prior to 1954 she had been married to someone named Johnson; no determination of the status of that marriage was found. On June 20, 1954, Ida Johnson married actor Tom Tully in the Little Brown Church in the Valley. Director Don Siegal was best man; Mrs. John B. Pollak was matron of honor.

Ida M. Tully died March 29, 1999 in Newport Beach, Calfornia.

Special thanks to Lassin for the lead that led me to find out whatever happened to Ida Mae Johnson.

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