Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Whatever happened to Joanne Frank?

by Ryan Fay

Joanne Frank has been a lost player for years, and there has been next-to-no progress on finding out whatever happened to her.

Joanne Frank in Idle Roomers (1944)
Frank's lone Three Stooges appearance was as "Hazel" in the 1944 short Idle Roomers.

The only lead we have is that she was sometimes referred to as "Joan Frank," but the alternate spelling has yet to lead to anything. In other cases, alternate spellings have led us to finding out whatever happened someone.

Frank's Internet Movie Database page lists six film roles from 1943-1951, including Idle Roomers. Curiously absent among her IMDb listings is the 1943 Columbia film Tropicana (aka The Heat's On). Frank was pictured in material for the film such as stills and sheet music (see below).

There isn't any known record of her before 1943 or after 1951.

If anyone knows whatever happened to Joanne Frank, comment below or use the contact link at the top of the page. If alive, Frank would probably be in her early-to-mid 90's.

Joanne Frank in a publicity photo for Tropicana (1943)
The back of this photo ID's her as "Joan Frank."

Joanne Frank pictured on U.K sheet music for Tropicana (1943)

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  1. I think I just saw her in an episode of Perry Mason that also featured Telly Savalas. He played a hotel owner/operator and she played his daughter.