Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Whatever happened to Gail Arnold?

by Ryan Fay

Curly-era player Gail Arnold is a mystery for supporting player researchers.

With no known birth and death dates, Arnold's fate has been a topic of research for years. The case has never gotten far off the ground.

Gail Arnold, 1934
She appeared as a chorus girl in Dancing Lady (1933), an MGM feature in which Ted Healy and His Stooges had supporting roles. Arnold later had bit roles in Three Stooges Columbia shorts such as Hoi Poloi (1935), A Pain in the Pullman (1936), Whoops, I'm An Indian (1936), and Slippery Silks (1936).

Aside from Stooge-related work, the Internet Movie Database lists Arnold as a blonde model in Rendezvous at Midnight (1935, Universal) and as undetermined roles in a trio of other Columbia shorts: Am I Having Fun! (1935, Andy Clyde), Free Rent (1936, Monte Collins/Tom Kennedy) and The Super Snooper (1937, El Brendel/Monte Collins).

Depending on what source you're looking at, her first name has been spelled Gail, Gaile, or Gale. The alternate spellings haven't led anywhere.

Perhaps the only other item that has turned up was a photo in a 1934 issue of Hollywood picturing her with other chorus girls in association with the Fox Follies. Once again, the lead hasn't led to anything else.

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