Friday, July 5, 2013

Whatever happened to Jackie Jackson?

by Ryan Fay

Jackie Jackson, the little boy from Three Loan Wolves (1946), is one of the more frustrating lost players.

Though Wolves was his lone appearance with the Stooges, the fact that he could still be alive makes him a priority. Of all the lost players from the Curly era, Jackson is probably the best bet at finding another living player from that era.

The trouble is we don't know if Jackson is still alive or not. If he is, we believe he would be in his early 70's, but we don't have an exact birthdate. We also aren't positive what his real name is as Jackie may be a nickname for something. One site suggests his real name may be "Jack," but nothing has come of it. We do know is not the brother of actress Sherry Jackson.

Jackson in Three Loan Wolves (1946)
For a time, it was thought he was born Curtis Loyes Jackson Jr. in Nevada City, California on Mar. 1, 1937. However, that has proven to be wrong. Fellow supporting player researcher Frank Reighter contacted Curtis, who was also known as "Jackie," and he confirmed he isn't the person we're looking for.

According to Reighter, "he said the two Jackie's were always confused with each other. He has no idea whatever happened to the other Jackie. He described himself as the 'dark-haired Jackie' and the one we're looking for as the 'light-haired Jackie."

The Jackie Jackson we're looking for appeared in at least 14 films from 1946-1955, including his appearance in Wolves. Other than that, he most often appeared as "Henry Kettle" in four of the Ma and Pa Kettle films in the 1950's. His last known film appearance was Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki (1955). There is no known record of his activities after that.

Over the past few days, we researched Jackson's cast mates from his Ma and Pa Kettle films with the hope that somebody would know whatever happened to him. Several of the Kettle kids were found to be living and a handful were contacted by telephone or e-mail. Unfortunately, even those who remember him aren't sure whatever came of him.

"Last month I was going through some old files and came across an 8x10 of [Jackie] but I have not seen him in over 60 years," one Kettle co-star said.

If anyone out there knows whatever happened to Jackie Jackson, reply below or use the contact page at the top. No lead is too small.

In the meantime, our search continues.

Jackie Jackson
Variety, 1950

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